Making a Payment
How do I make a credit card payment?

There are several ways to conveniently make payments to your Sparrow account. You can make a payment through our mobile app, by phone, by mail or through your bank’s bill pay service. Just remember to make at least your minimum payment by the due date each month to help you build and maintain good credit!


Mobile App

Through the Sparrow mobile app, you can easily submit payments by providing your bank account or debit card information. You have the option of making a payment for the same day or scheduling it for a future date.


Additionally, you have the flexibility to make multiple payments each month, which gives you more control over how you manage your payments!



To make phone payments, give us a call at 1-800-839-9797, and our friendly representatives will happily assist you in processing your payment.


When you call, if you have not yet saved a ‘pay from’ account, kindly have your account or debit card information available.



If you prefer to mail your payment, simply send your check along with the payment coupon found in your most recent statement to: 



PO BOX 4153

WOBURN, MA 01888-4153


If you’ve misplaced your statement, you can access a recent copy through our mobile app, or you can reach out to us at 1-800-839-9797 if you have additional questions.


Please note that your payment submitted via the mail must be received by 5:00 pm local time on the payment due date to be credited as on-time.


Bill Pay

To make a payment to us using your financial institution’s bill pay service, please reach out to them directly for instructions on how to do so.

When will my payment be credited to my account?
Mailed PaymentFor payments made by mail, please note that your payment must be received by the processing facility by 5:00 p.m. local time to be processed on the same day.  Payments received after that time will be credited on the next day.  

The address to the payment processing facility can be found on the payment coupon at the bottom of your most recent statement. Please be aware that payments received by us at any other location may not be credited on the day we receive them.




While your payment will be credited to your account on the day of receipt, it may take up to five business days for the payment amount to become available for use.

Because it may take a few extra days for your payment to clear your bank account, please ensure that you maintain a sufficient balance in your account to avoid your bank rejecting the payment.


Mobile App or Phone PaymentPayments made by phone or through our mobile app before Midnight Eastern Time, including weekends and holidays, will be credited as of the same day. 




While your payment will be credited to your account on the day of receipt, it may take a few extra days for your payment amount to become available for use. 

Payments submitted using a debit card will be made available within one business days.  Payments submitted using your bank account number will be made available within three business days.

What address do I mail my payment to?

You can send your payment to the address below. Please include the payment remittance slip located at the bottom of the first page of your monthly billing statement. If you receive your statement digitally, you can find your most recent statement in the Sparrow mobile app and save and print a copy using your preferred device. If you need assistance obtaining your statement, please call us at 1-800-839-9797.



PO BOX 4153

WOBURN, MA 01888


Checks should be made payable to Sparrow.

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