Virtual Card
What’s a virtual card?

A virtual card is just like your physical card, but in digital format. Your virtual card gives you access to your credit card account in a faster and more convenient manner. Your virtual card is available as soon as your account is created (no more waiting for your new card to be sent in the mail), and can be accessed anytime your phone is nearby, even when your wallet isn’t. You’ll find your virtual card inside the Sparrow mobile app.

How do I use my virtual card?

Your virtual card is conveniently located right at the top of the Home screen of the Sparrow mobile app. For security reasons, the full card information is masked upon first launching the app. Clicking the small arrow icon will reveal the full details of the card. Upon revealing the information, you can enter the card number, expiration date, and CVC into an online merchant’s check-out process.

Where can I use my virtual card?

 All sorts of places! The options are endless:

  • Use the card information to checkout online at your favorite store like Amazon, DoorDash, Walmart or Target online.
  • Use your favorite restaurant’s mobile app to order your meal ahead of time. McDonald’s, Starbucks, Chipotle, and many more will accept your virtual card information when you place a pick-up order.
  • Add your card information to your subscription payments for Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, etc.
Using Your Sparrow Card
Where can I use my Sparrow Card?

You can use your Sparrow credit card almost anywhere that accepts Mastercard. You may also use your Sparrow card for a cash advance at ATM’s nationwide (please be aware that cash advance rates and charges apply).


If your card is being declined, please review our “Where CAN’T I use my Sparrow Card” and “Why was my credit card declined” answers.

Where CAN’T I use my Sparrow Card?

There are a few kinds of transactions that we don’t permit. These include:

  • Money-send services such as Venmo or Cash App
  • Gambling, betting, or online casino transactions
  • Purchasing money orders, foreign currency, or cryptocurrency
  • Debt repayments
Can I use my Sparrow card with Apple Pay / Google Pay?

Unfortunately, the Sparrow card isn’t yet configured to work with mobile wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. We’re working on it, so check back later!

How do I do a cash advance?

Cash advances can be performed at almost any ATM. First, make sure you’ve activated your card and created a PIN. Your PIN can be set and/or changed using the menu option under the “Manage Card” menu in the Sparrow mobile app. Please be aware that your cash advance limit is lower than your regular credit limit, and cash advance rates and charges apply.

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