Making a Purchase
Why aren't my new purchases showing up in my current balance?

Only posted transactions will show up in your Current Balance. A new transaction will first show as pending, and generally takes a few days to fully process and post to your account. Only posted transactions will be reflected in your Current Balance.

What is a pending transaction?

A pending transaction shows up when a merchant has accepted your payment, but the transaction has not yet been fully processed. It generally only takes a couple of days for transactions to fully process and post to your account, but could sometimes take a bit longer depending on the merchant and the transaction type.


Once the transaction is fully processed, it becomes a posted transaction and the amount is added to your Current Balance.

There’s a pending transaction on my account with a different amount than my purchase.

Sometimes the merchant puts a hold on your card for an amount different than the final total. This is often the case at gas stations, hotels, or with car rental reservations when the merchant puts a hold on your account for the service before it takes place. In these cases, the amount should update before it finishes processing and posts to your account.


If you continue to see a discrepancy in the final amount once the transaction is no longer in a pending state, we recommend reaching out to the merchant directly or giving us a call so we can investigate.


Transaction Declines
Why was my credit card declined?

We are sorry to hear that your credit card was declined. There are many different reasons that can result in a failed transaction. The following reasons are some of the most common:

  • Credit card information such as card number, CVV, or expiration date was entered incorrectly.
  • Your account is past-due.
  • Your account has reached its credit limit.
  • A portion of your credit limit is currently unavailable due to a recently processed payment or a pending fee charge.
  • You’ve frozen your card using the option in the mobile app.
  • Your credit card has not been activated.
  • Your card is temporarily blocked due to suspicious activity. 
  • You credit card is expired.
  • The merchant or transaction type is not supported. 
  • Your account is closed.

If you still have questions on why your transaction was declined, you can contact us at 1-800-839-9797 and we can help you investigate it further.

Transaction Disputes
How do I dispute a credit card charge?

If you’ve identified a charge that you do not recognize or do not agree with, please read on to learn what steps you can take, including filing a dispute.


Transaction Error


A transaction error occurs when you conducted business with a merchant but do not agree with the charge. Here are some examples:

  • You were charged twice
  • You were charged a different amount
  • You were charged for a product or service that you never received
  • You never received an expected refund

If you’ve identified an error on your statement, you can reach out to the merchant directly to resolve an issue the quickest. If you are unable to reach a resolution with the merchant or prefer to file a claim, please refer to the ‘File Dispute’ section below.


Transaction Fraud


If you’ve identified a transaction that you do not recognize, we recommend following these steps first to determine if you can recognize the transaction:

  • Search the internet for the merchant name that appears in the transaction details. Sometimes, transactions might appear on your statement under a different name or a different location than may be familiar to you.
  • Call the merchant directly. If the merchant’s phone number is not available in the transaction details, you can try searching for the merchant’s name online.
  • If anyone else had access to use your card, check whether they recognize the transaction.

If you still do not recognize activity on your account or your card was lost or stolen, please contact us right away to prevent further misuse.




To file a dispute, you must notify us within 60 days of the statement where the error or unusual activity was identified. Please call us at 1-800-839-9797 to initiate the dispute process.

What happens after I dispute a credit card charge?

Step 1: 


We will send you confirmation that we have received your dispute.  It can take us up to 60 days to fully complete the investigation.


Step 2:


Once your dispute has been initiated, we will temporarily credit your account for the disputed amount and any related fees. It’s important to note that you will not be responsible for making payments on any disputed balances, but will be responsible for making payments on any non-disputed balances.


Step 3:


If we need additional information, we will send you a follow-up request. It is important that we receive the requested information as soon as possible to ensure we can complete processing your dispute.


Step 4:


Once we complete the investigation, we will send you communication to let you know whether your dispute was approved. If your claim is approved, the temporary credit will be made permanent. If your claim is not approved, the temporary credit will be reversed and you will be responsible for paying back the amount, including any finance charges that may have accrued. 

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